Professional Coach

If you are looking for a professional coach you are at the right address. I coach people with questions, dilemmas and problems at work or work-private related. My coaching style is solution focused. I am also specialized in intercultural communication. During my career I lived in Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Italy, Ecuador and Egypt and I have experienced what it feels like to work and live in another culture. I have also studied this theme further during my Masters.

You can approach me for example when you are dealing with:

questions and issues related to intercultural experiences and communication, e.g. how to work in an international team, how to express your needs and opinion in another culture, how to deal with Dutch directness....

adapting your life to a new country and culture shock

stress management

how to combine work and your private life and conflicting demands (how to organize yourself, how to deal with feelings of guilt towards work and family).

time management

conflict management

career questions

In a series of meetings we will explore your situation and experiences, and together we will explore solutions and ideas to cope with your situation, and ultimately improve your situation. We can meet at my office in myresidence, your workplace or another convenient location.

I speak Dutch, English, French and Spanish and can coach and train in all of these languages.

Please contact me for a free intake and a cost estimate.

Training and Team Coaching

You can also contract me for training courses and team coaching on intercultural issues and communication. For example, if you are dealing with managing staff members and teams with different cultural backgrounds.

You can contact me at:



Coach Profesional

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